Anticipation, impatience, suspense, adrenaline, dreams or nightmares become reality, all they accompany the power of illusion and simulation technology, are the basis of the new, more attractive and successful forms of entertainment: VIRTUAL REALITY THEATRE or also known as The Moov-X Cinema 7D. This innovative type of entertainment focuses latest technologies and virtual reality rendering techniques through the multitude of special effects, enhanced three-dimensional image, movements of the seats, the jets of water and air, touching and special sound effects, consistent with the projected image.

The theatre has a number of 6 chairs and all necessary technical equipment playback for 7D reality. Extremely comfortable, the seats are made so that each participant in virtual reality, feel the greatest effects, movement and vibration characteristics of this form of entertainment. The characteristic features of Moov-X Cinema 7D Concept are: seat movement, water and air spray, vibration, tickle in the back and legs, etc. These features, together with the special glasses, three-dimensional sound 5.1, the design effects and full animation specifically designed for this type of entertainment, define the virtual experience.